Hood of the dogs
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 ***** Shooting contest

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PostSubject: ***** Shooting contest   Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:16 pm

Shooting Contest
This Crime Needs 1 Turn

Crime Description
There is a shooting contest you can take part. Citizens from all places of Bootyland gather here in order to contest in shooting!
You only need a good weapon for this and to be efficient with weapons.
If you do not suffice anything of these two things, better not try it.

Spec: Weapons
Item: Best weapon, armor, car, mask
Mobster: weapon (for more xp gain)

Alex: Mobster is optional, if you have Weapons as a specialty. If you don't, then take a weapons mobster fully trained. This is a good crime because you can get lots of exp (about 950 per turn) Any weapon is good but the better your gun, the better your score.
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***** Shooting contest
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